Easily monitor the activity of an individual catering unit and it’s staff team

CCTV_poloAt a large event where there are a number of catering sites it can be difficult for management staff to continually monitor the activity of an individual catering unit and its staff team. To assist with this function all our latest units are fitted with sophisticated CCTV and recording devices which enables us to monitor 3 keys areas of activity:-

1. Queuing

Are more staff needed to move in or could resources be better deployed from nearby units?

2. Cash Transactions/Transparency (Till Scan System)

We can pinpoint exactly how much money is being taken and how much cash should be in the outlet.

We can even track every single transaction due to our CCTV being directly linked to our tills and recording every transaction in real time visually.

This is essential to any profit share agreement so that you can account for every penny that is being taken.

3. Customer Service & Procedures

How are staff performing behind the counter?
Are they preparing food using the guidelines laid down? Are they washing their hands thoroughly? Are they greeting and dealing with the public in the best way, offering them meal deals or other up-sell extras to maximise profits?