We are keen to work with you to ensure that any cardboard or other paper based products used by staff are recycled, either at the event, or on a separate site.

We also have a policy of using only paper based cups and plates to ensure that our catering has as little impact on the environment as possible.


We take pride in the quality of the food that we prepare.

In light of recent media emphasis on meat products we know where all the ingredients of our food comes from and traceability is a crucial part of our operation. In order to ensure quality and quantity of supply for our customers, we have invested large freezer facilities capable of storing 50 pallets. We now buy direct from the source producers offering total trace-ability and test certificates for all meat products.

We have had a long term relationship working with award winning butchers such as Scriven & Thornton, supplying us with British meat products.


However big or small, contact us today to plan ahead for your event!